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For Professionals or Clients

Artists & Designers Associates is a partner of JJAADA Academy, generating work for the students and bringing together specialists and experts for projects.

Become a designer

We have specialists in all of the creative fields, from communications and graphics to interior design (including Feng Shui).

If you are Freelance

The organisation brings together contacts in the world of work.
If you are an Artist, Designer, or Professional Associate you can join our expanding membership.

Looking for designers advice

Whether you are experiencing a space issue, a colour dilemma, or just after a few tips to give your home a re-style in time for the Autumn, our design experts can give you all the answers you need.

Are you looking for an Art or Design Specialist?

Designers & Events

The Associate network receives requests every day of the week for artists and designers. Our Designers have consultations with clients. Projects follow from these activities.

In addition to the above we have strong networking connections and have requests arriving every day in relation to projects.

tel: 0207 494 3363

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